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A bride & groom walk through a vineyard during their Gundlach Bundschu Winery wedding in Sonoma.

Gundlach Bundschu Winery Wedding | Sonoma Wedding Photographer | S&M

I was able to attend this Gundlach Bundschu Winery Wedding with the very popular Bay Area Wedding Photographer Brian MacStay of Brian MacStay Photography.  This was fun for me as Brian and I spent a lot of the time photographing the bride & groom getting ready.  We photographed them getting ready at the Westin Verasa Napa Hotel. Once the guys had finished getting ready I headed out with the guys to Gundlach Bundschu for the ceremony.  Once we were there I […]

The bride walks down the isle with her dad at her Wente Winery wedding in Livermore.

Wente Winery Wedding | Livermore Wedding Photographer | V&D

I was asked by the Livermore Wedding Photographer Brian MacStay to help him photograph this Wente Winery wedding in Livermore, California. We started off at a hotel in downtown Pleasanton before I headed out to the winery where the groom was at.  Once we all got there I started with the groom/groomsmen portraits.  We walked around the golf course area and some of the vineyards taking their portraits. Once we were finished with the portraits we headed out to the […]

Images from a Regency Center wedding in San Francisco.

The Regency Center Wedding | San Francisco Wedding Photographer | J&R

Once again I was asked by the San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer Duy Ho of Duy Ho Photography to help him photograph this San Francisco Wedding. The couple were married at a church in San Francisco and had their reception at Regency Center in San Francisco. I started off with the guys at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel.  Once they were dressed, we headed downstairs for some portraits of them before we all headed out to the church.  We did […]

Images from a family portrait session at Vasona County Park in Los Gatos.

Vasona Park Family Portraits | Los Gatos Family Photographer | A&G

Inages from a Vasona Park family portrait session at Vasona County Park in Los Gatos. This was such a fun family session.  After chatting with them in the days before the session they said they wanted mainly fun, casual photographs of the family playing around together.  Yes, we got the typical, “Smile, look at the camera and say I WANT ICE CREAM” portraits, but we spent most of our time on the grass or on the playground having fun. We did […]

Images from an East Bay Family Photographers family portrait session at Mare Island in Vallejo.

East Bay Family Photographer | Mare Island Family Photos | D&F

Sometimes you need to take a long drive to get to someplace awesome. The drive to Mare Island normally is about an hour, but when traffic is involved, yea it takes much longer. This family and me met at Mare Island for their family portrait session.  We started off in a grassy field for a little while before changing scenery to a nice brick background. Mare Island family photos by the East Bay Family Photographer Scott Mosher Photography.

Nebraska Wedding Photographer | St Josephs Catholic Church Wedding | M&G

In terms of fun weddings, this one ranks up towards the top.  I photographed this wedding with the Nebraska wedding photographer Brian MacStay Photography out in York, Nebraska. It was a whirlwind trip that we made with Dave Ethridge of AVR Films, who was the videographer of the wedding. We started off our weekend catching a 6am flight out of San Francisco.  Yes. that time is correct. Once we finally landed in Omaha, NE we got our rental cars and drove to […]

ge. I started off with the guys at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel. Once they were dressed, we headed downstairs for some portraits of them before we all headed out to the church. We did our portraits near the garden and found an awesome wall of windows that I was able to shoot at. Once our portraits were done we loaded up into the cars and headed out to the church. I was able to get some details of the church before the ceremony started. They had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony which gave me time to photograph them from various locations around the church, including the balcony. Once the ceremony was over the bridal party headed back to the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel for some more portraits. We were treated with a chance to photograph them in the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel for a little bit. It was AMAZING in that suite. If you've seen the movie

Mountain Winery Wedding | Bay Area Wedding Photographer | K&M

Happy New Years!  I think I’ll start this year off with a bang and post this wedding from the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. This was the second time I’ve had the chance to photograph a Mountain Winery wedding at the Mountain Winery in the hills above Saratoga, California.  What was different about this wedding was that the ceremony was at the winery, while the reception and other fun stuff was at a private residence in Saratoga.  Also this time I […]

Images from a Stanford Bar Mitzvah

Stanford Bar Mitzvah | Bay Area Bar Mitzvah Photographer | SF

This was a first (and not last) event for me.  I was contacted about photographing a Stanford Bar Mitzah at the Hillel House  for not one, but 3 boys. Since I had never been to a Bar Mitzvah before I read up on them and also asked some Jewish friends for advice on what was important and other things I needed to watch out for.  That information came in handy during the ceremony.  We were able to get almost all the […]

Family portraits at a park by a Bay Area family photographer.

Cupertino Family Portrait Photographer | C&F

This actually a double family portrait session by the Cupertino Family Portrait Photographer Scott Mosher Photography.  Since the sisters were close and in town, they both decided to have family portraits done.  It was interesting because I got to the park early to scope out some places to photograph them, but once I got there I realized there was a small car show that was going to be taking place.  So plans changed quickly We headed out to a park […]

Family portraits at Alviso Park by a Bay Area family photographer.

San Jose Family Photographer | Bay Area Family Portraits | B&A

I love photographing families.  Each one is different, and even a new session with an old client gives us totally different images each time.  I photographed this family last year, and we decided that for this year we’d go with a much different location than we did the year before. This session was done at Alviso by the San Jose Family Photographer Scott Mosher Photography.  We started off by heading slightly into town near an old restaurant.  After a few […]