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Fremont Family Portrait Photographer: The Schmidt Family

Boys playing/running/getting dirty/getting into trouble/and not wanting their photos taken.  Well at least not wanting their photos taken at first.  Parents who want their photo taken.  Thats how this family session went, and we had fun!  I’ve known the mom since high school and the family just moved back from Virginia.  We headed out to Central Park in Fremont, CA for their family session.  None of us had been their before but we had a good time.

San Jose Family Portrait Photographer: The Miller Family, San Jose Rose Garden

I was able to do a quick mini portrait session for the Miller family.  They mainly were looking to get some images of their daughter who was graduating high school in her dress, cap and gown, and then a couple family portraits.  We walked around the San Jose Rose Garden for an hour or so on Memorial Day (with TONS of other people I might add) and came away with some really fun images.  I was stoked that the roses […]

Monterey Family Portrait Photographer: Zhang Family

This was a fun family portrait session out at the beach in Monterey, CA.  It was cold and windy though but we still had a good time.  We headed out to near Asilomar State Beach near Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula.  The goal for this session was for us to get some great family portraits for the family but also for me to try out some ideas.

San Jose Family Portrait Photographer: The Davis Family

I’ve known the Davis family for a long time.  Since all the kids were in town, we decided to head out to Vasona County Park for a family portrait session.  We originally thought about heading out to Hellyer Park in San Jose for the family portrait session, but I discovered there was an event going on so we switched.  Of course on my way to Vasona I saw there was an event going on there as well.  But luckily it […]

San Jose Family Portrait Photographer: The Mosher Family

These photos are by a San Jose family portrait photographer of the Mosher family.  My cousin asked if I could do a quick portrait session with his and his wife’s brother & sister to create some images for her grandparents. We headed out to Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos, CA.  We ended up being out taking photos for about an hour and then spend a little extra time hanging out and catching up a little bit.  This is one of […]

San Jose Family Portrait Photographer: The Dusing Family, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Photos done by Scott Mosher Photography, a San Jose family portrait photographer. I had the pleasure of photographing this family at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.  The park is 5 1/2 acres, but is partially filled with hundreds of rose bushes of different colors and variety.  The other part is a huge grassy area and dividing the two places is some trees. We spent a little over an hour photographing them in different settings around the park.  These kids […]