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I was born and raised in San Jose, and I still live there today.  I started off in the photography world in about 2004, when I decided as a career I wanted to be a sports photographer.  I photographed sports primarily for a few years until about 2012, where portrait and wedding work took over.

I got married in 2005, and in 2008 my sister in law got engaged. I soon got the, “You’re a photographer, you can photograph the wedding!” comments from the inlaws, and that is how I dove headfirst into the world of wedding and portrait photography.  I have been lucky enough to work and learn from some of the best wedding photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have photographed weddings throughout Northern California including Sonoma, Healdsburg, Lake Tahoe, San Luis Obispo, and Sacramento to name a few.  In addition I’ve been to a few different states photographing destination weddings.

During a wedding day I tend to have a mix of “hands off” and “hands on” approach. I love the capturing the candid moments that happen during the day.  There will be times I’ll pose you in the best light while other times I’ll be capturing moments as they happen.

I currently have two kids who are crazy (in a good way) and are hands down the cutest kids ever.  If you get a chance to meet them and see them at the playground you’ll agree with me.  I’m lucky to have a wife who supports me and can take care of the kids while I’m gone on weekends working.  Instead of all the rest of the usual “about me” stuff, I thought I’d let the pictures tell you more about me.

  • A portrait of Scott Mosher of Scott Mosher Photography taken by Brian MacStay.
    HUGE thanks to Brian MacStay Photography for taking this photo at a wedding I photographed with him this year.
  • One of my favorite things is playing hockey. I’m on the right after my team won an ironman competion.
  • One of my favorite things is history, especially WWII. I shot this during a WWII reenactment Cheap Football Jerseys at Ft Ord.
  • Cycling is one of my favorite activities. I normally get 40-50 miles in per week.
  • I don’t get to do it often, but I love getting my guitar out to play.
  • My kids are obsessed with trains, and its hereditary.
  • I loooooooove mountain biking. Though due to my shooting schedule & kids I only get out a couple times a year.
  • No, I don’t actually play for the Rangers. But I did enjoy wearing the jersey when I played.
  • My oldest during a portrait session a few years ago.
  • Each winter we visit my family in Utah, and my brother in law (in the Sharks jersey) builds an outdoor rink every year.
  • My youngest trying to get a taste of hockey I guess.
  • My youngest giving me one of his Catherine many silly faces.
  • My oldest on the train tracks at Roaring Camp.
  • <a class=”gridblock-image-link flexislideshow-link” data-lightbox=”magnific-image-gallery” href=”http://www.scottmosherphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2012-02-25-023.jpg”>
    Here I am at a portrait session of my own family. Yes, I’m lying on snow. Image courtesy of my mother.
  • My wife & kids looking at the fish at the Monterey Aquarium.
  • I’m holding my youngest, while my oldest holds up his model train for comparison to a real engine.
  • My boys in their Superman outfits. They are so much a like.
  • My youngest Ryane looking at the back of the WWII bomber at Moffett Field.
  • Back on the WII stuff, me and my boys love visiting the USS Hornet in Alameda.
  • My youngest, Ryane at a field near his grandparents house.
  • There I am. Picture courtesy of Brian MacStay Photography.

    My wife kids during a portrait session. Portrait by Joe Jamello.
  • Me checking out a location for some B&G portraits before a wedding.
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