Second & Associate Shooting for Photographers

Second Shooting & Associate Shooting

I am available for second shooting assignments as well as associate shooting jobs.  I’ve been photographing weddings since about 2008.  I am averaging 25+ weddings for the past couple years as either a main, associate, or 2nd shooter.  I consider my style cheap oakleys to be a mix of of traditional and PJ work.  During the getting ready portion, ceremony, and reception I tend to just “let things happen”, though fake oakleys I will control/place people in a position to put them in the best light for photographs.  During the portrait oakley outlet part of the day I am more hands on in directing clients how to pose.

In addition to my own portrait and wedding clients, I have shot for numerous Bay Area Wedding Photographers.  In 2013 I worked for 6-7 different photographers, and most of them NBA Jerseys Cheap I have photographed multiple weddings with them. In 2014 I have mainly split my time between 2-3 photographers who have used me for 10+ weddings each in addition to a few other photographers as well.

Image Editing & Album Design

I am available for editing images and album designing.  For more information, check out my image editing and album design site, You Just Shoot.

For more information and rates please fill out the form below.

For Photographers

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